Who Can Ride ATVs and What are the Safety Guidelines one Should Follow

Dec 11th 2021


ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are off-road vehicles that are frequently used for enjoyment and entertainment. It's an off-road or dirt-road vehicle that shouldn't be driven on paved roads or highways. They usually have four enormous balloon-style tyres and a seat in the middle on which the rider sits while steering with the handlebars.  Four-wheelers ATVs for sale do not come in one size, and not all of them fit best to all. We recommend four-wheeler ATVs based on the rider's age, riding skill level, and capability. For example, youth model ATVs are designed for smaller hands and feet and travel at slower speeds appropriate for their age.

                                   Who Can Ride ATVs and What are the Safety Guidelines one Should Follow

When it comes to riding ATVs, there are no federal laws or age restrictions. It is permitted in most places for older children and teenagers to ride them even if they do not have a driver's license. Different states have their own set of driving rules and regulations. ATV riders in some conditions must be 16 years old and get a safety certificate. While other states allow children as young as 10 to ride ATVs but they should be guided by adult riders with a valid driver's license.

ATVs, which weigh more than 600 pounds and have enormous powerful motors, may reach 65 mph or even more higher speeds. Even if they are permitted to ride, ATVs can be too big for tiny children to use safely. In order to operate an ATV safely, the driver must make immediate decisions, such as speeding up, slowing down, or shifting weight in response to changes in the environment. Kids under 16 may not have the skills to carry them out. Therefore, it is not recommended for children and teens 1 or younger to use ATVs.

                             Who Can Ride ATVs and What are the Safety Guidelines one Should Follow

The thrills of riding invite significant safety risks. They feature a high center of gravity and no roll bars, safety cages, or seatbelts, which means they can easily tip over, hurl passengers and riders off, or even roll over on top of them. This can result in severe injury or death, most commonly due to head injuries. Cuts, scratches, fractured collarbones, and shattered arms and legs are all typical injuries. If your child does ride a 4-wheelers ATV, make sure you understand and follow the rules of your state. We recommend some safety guidelines before riding 4 wheelers ATVs. Anyone who rides an ATV should follow these tips before and during riding. A few of them are as follows.

  • ATVs are not recommended for children under the age of 16.
  • Learn how to properly operate a four-wheeler ATV by enrolling in a safety training course.
  • Ride only a four-wheeler ATV that is appropriate for your size and age.
  • Wear a suitable helmet and eye protection spectacle at all times. It is, in fact, mandated by law.
  • To avoid scrapes and cuts, wear long pants, long sleeves, gloves, and over-the-ankle boots.
  • Riding should only be done during daytime hours.
  • On an authorized ATV trail, always ride at a safe speed.
  • Know how to manage minor injuries with basic first aid and how to seek help in an emergency.
  • Never ride while taking alcohol or under the influence of drugs.
  • Riding on paved surfaces or public roadways is never a good idea.
  • Be careful while overtaking other riders
  • Allowing children and teenagers to ride in an ATV with a passenger is never a good idea.

Riding ATVs is fun; hence many kids and teens want to try them. Parents should remain careful to guide & protect their kids while making them aware of the safety rules and letting them know how to ride ATVs safely. At  Tao Atv, we offer the best quality motorized off-highway 4 wheelers ATV for sale. These ATVs for sale are equipped with four non-pneumatic tyres, a customized seat for riders, and handlebars for easy steering control. So why are you waiting? Get a 4 wheelers ATV and fulfill your adventure bike ride desire today! Have a safe ride!