TrailMaster Gas Powered Golf Carts – Are They Worth Buying?

Posted by Taoatv on May 28th 2022


If you are on the lookout for a golf cart to buy for yourself and are exploring the market, you must have come across the name TrailMaster and wondered about its vehicles and lineup.

TrailMaster is one of the top manufacturers of gas powered golf carts and other utility vehicles. The brand has a huge variety of products for sports enthusiasts. It has been in the industry for decades now and produces high quality gas powered golf carts with long term durability and enhanced capabilities. With a stable dealership network, parts and accessories easily available, and a range of golf carts to choose from, TrailMaster is a very reliable option for gas powered golf carts.

What are TrailMaster Golf Carts?

TrailMaster golf carts are high-quality, gas-powered golf carts. They are available with different powertrain options and in multiple configurations. They are available in 2,4, and 6 seating options with flip seats for improved usability and loading purposes.

TrailMaster offers a wide range of carts with the robust transmission, suspension, and powertrains. It is the mechanical specifications and features of the TrailMaster golf cart that males them such a suitable option. If you want to buy a golf cart for routine golf course usage, as well as other utility purposes, this is the one to go for.

Are TrailMaster Golf Carts Any Good?

Yes, TrailMaster golf carts are an excellent choice to go with. They are strong in their build quality and manufactured with state-of-the-art engineering techniques in the industry. All the models are equipped with a range of mechanical upgrades and features to offer you a good choice of extras which is a good way of fine-tuning to suit your requirements. You can rely on the rock solid reliability and top performance of this golf cart

Is the TrailMaster Taurus a Golf Cart?

Yes, the Taurus model is a golf cart manufactured by TrailMaster. Available in different powertrain options and seating configurations, it’s a highly capable gas powered golf cart that can be a perfect golf course partner or a purpose-built utility hauler.

They are also available in either 2 or 4-wheel drive with a rugged suspension system. The top selling gas powered golf cart comes with a standard CVT transmission and independent suspension system.

Apart from mechanical specifications, they also come loaded with tech features like head and taillights, turn signals, and a digital dash.

How Fast a TrailMaster Taurus Golf Cart Can Go?

Thanks to its powerful engine and drivetrain, the golf cart can achieve a top speed of 35 mph. it has 2 powerful options, a CVT gearbox, and a solid drivetrain that enhances its performance.

The vehicle has lower end torque for quick acceleration and a fuel injection motor that enhances its performance. It packs a powerful 4-stroke 350cc engine and a CVT gearbox that transmits the power to all four wheels via a driveshaft.

TrailMaster caters to the production of a wide range of gas powered golf carts that are great for golfing and serves other utility purposes. And with an affordable price range, the Taurus family is an ideal purchase for golf enthusiasts. An upgraded independent suspension, electronic injection, and added tech make it an ideal utility vehicle.