The common dirt bike mistakes that beginners make

Posted by TAO ATV on Oct 22nd 2022

It is hard to avoid making mistakes; every one of us makes some mistakes. However, there is an advantage to making mistakes; it will make you become faster and more skilled. We at Tao ATV understand that learning to ride dirt bikes is challenging unless you have anyone to teach you and correct your mistakes. Though we cannot be by your side after you have purchased Tao Tao Dirt Bike 250cc from us, we try our best to rectify some errors you may make as a beginner.


Purchase the proper size

It is wise to purchase the proper size dirt bike. The power of the bike depends on the size, so if you buy an oversized bike, the power will be more, and you will not be able to handle such force. So, starting with a little smaller bike is prudent, and moving on to the next size after you have gained some skill in riding a dirt bike. It is wise to be patient and start with a dirt bike.

Position body perfectly

If you do not position your body perfectly while sitting on a dirt bike, it will be impossible to have perfect balance. You need to know where your body needs to be while you turn or hit a jump. It is essential to know your seating position, as sitting in the wrong position can lead to accidents. It will not be easy at first to find a comfortable position; however, with practice, you will be able to decide on a perfect one.

Appropriate dress

As you buy a new dirt bike, you become eager to jump onto the bike and have a dash. You forget about the appropriate dress. Not wearing a proper dress will be dangerous if you have a fall. We advise that you wear a DOT-approved helmet, google, knee braces, and gloves before starting a dirt bike. These gears will help you to have adequate protection if there is a fall.

Look at the front

When you first ride a dirt bike, you generally keep your eyes down to notice if you are sitting correctly. But, doing such, you forget to look forward and see what lies ahead. In such a case, what happens you may miss a turn or an obstacle and dash against it. So, looking forward while riding a dirt bike is always wise and avoiding such incidents.

Know the machine

It is wise to know about the clutch and throttle of the bike. We have noticed that many beginners find it challenging to find a balance between letting up the clutch and figuring out how much throttle to apply. It will take time to find such a balance; however, as you do, you will find it pretty easy.


So, we advise you to keep these in mind before you start riding the new Tao Tao Dirt Bike 250cc that you have purchased from Tao Atv.