Reasons Why Your Kid's 4-wheeler ATV Won’t Start – And How To Fix It

Mar 31st 2023

Reasons Why Your Kid's 4-wheeler ATV Won’t Start – And How To Fix It

It is possible to wake up one day only to find that your kid’s 4-wheeler ATV is not working. Imagine the disappointment on your kid’s face when the ATV won’t even start. If you've run into this problem, don't give up. We have a complete guide on how to troubleshoot the ATV when it won’t start.

But, unless you are very sure of your abilities, we advise against disassembling an ATV for kids. We can assist you in locating the problems. Thus, if it makes you feel more at ease, have a professional fix your kids' ATV!

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The Kids4-wheeler ATV Won't Start

Because Of Battery Issues

This is probably the very first thing that you should check when your kid’s kids 4-wheeler ATV won’t start. Just like in vehicles, sometimes the battery may fail and thus cause starting issues in an ATV. There might be a few causes of ATV battery failure. No matter how well you maintain the latter, the battery will get old and damaged at some point in life. So check the battery and ensure that it is in properposition.


The battery may have been overcharged, which could potentially explain why the ATV won't start. Well, it is important to ensure that the battery is fully charged before heading out. Don't charge the battery for more hours than recommended. Always use the ATV battery's original built-in thermal fuse.


Because Of Engine Issues

When the ATV battery appears to be in good condition, your engine could be having issues. So, this might be a quick fix, but a professional inspection might also be necessary. Let's go through a few of the frequent and simple engine problems that kids' ATVs have.


Clogged Air Filter

It is the most common reason for failure in sudden start in kids’ 4-wheeler ATVs. You should periodically inspect the engine, especially if your child enjoys riding on muddy terrain. A clogged air filter means that no air is flowing into the engine. It may sometimes pass through dirt and debris into the engine. As a result, the 4-wheeler ATVs will start giving out black smoke from the exhaust. This should be the first warning sign that the air filter needs to be checked before the ATV struggles to start.  


Cold Engine

You are going to experience problems with your kids 4-wheeler ATVs during cold weather. Even though ATVs are built for outdoor activities, the engine might fail to start when it is cold or in the early mornings. If you wake up in the morning and the latter won’t start, it might be cold. You could also suffer cold engine issues if the ATV has been in the garage for a while. Moreover, poor gasoline quality can result in a cold engine and it won't start. Run the engine for about 10-15 minutes & allow it to heat up before your kid start riding. 


Over-Fueled Carburetor

Another potential reason for no-start troubles could be an over-fueled carburetor. It may happen due to the ruined fuel pump. It is a little bit technical and might need someone with expertise to check out the kids ' wheeler ATVs.


Check The Spark Plugs

It is a common issue in kids ' wheeler ATVs, whereby it won’t start even when you have everything else in place. Do not get wonder, because there is a remedy for this. If you turn your kids 4-wheeler ATVs on but there is no ignition, then there is a need to replace the spark plug. Inspect it to make sure there is a gap in the plug and a spark won’t occur when the ignition is turned on. You can get a new spark plug and replace them in the ATV quite easily.


Quick Summary

the starting issues are quite common in kids' 4-wheeler ATVs just like in cars. You can, however, handle simple problems on your own. However spending money on a professional will save you money.