Kids Pit Bike Vs Kids Dirt Bike– What’s The Difference?

Jul 15th 2023

Kids Pit Bike Vs Kids Dirt Bike– What’s The Difference?

There are substantial differences between a kid's pit bike and a kid's dirt bike. A pit bike is a two-wheeler adventure bike that is great for pits. It’s more popular among kids. A dirt bike, however, is used for riding on unlevel trails. Both teenagers and adults favor this kind of car.


There are several similarities between pit bikes and dirt bikes. They appear to be the same two-wheeler. You might be wondering which is best for children. We will help & get you out of the confusing situation. Let’s start & find it!


Engine Types

The biggest thing that differentiates a pit bike and a dirt bike is the engine. An engine with four strokes is standard on pit bikes. Such a gear increases the two-wheeler's strength and power. It has quick acceleration and reaches high-top speed.


A two-stroke engine powers a dirt bike. it is also fairly sturdy, uses more fuel, and accelerates quickly. Its engine is mounted higher as compared to a pit bike. The gas tank is placed between the wheels for improved balance. Thus, if you don't want your child to grow too crazy, a dirt bike is a better choice. A pit bike is worth considering for more advanced riders.


Frame Size

Dirt bikes are bigger than pit bikes. They are ideal for hard terrain obstacles. It is the perfect option if you’re interested in off-road riding! However, they are quite bulky and not good for narrow spaces. It comes with big frames and smaller handlebars. 


A pit bike is a two-wheeler that is perfect for young riders. Such a vehicle is quite lightweight due to its tiny frame. It can be stored in less space. Additionally, moving it to a new location is simple. Large, simple-to-use handlebars are standard on pit bikes. Pit bikes are not suitable for off-road riding because of their low profile. They are designed for pit riding, as their name suggests.


Both dirt motorcycles and pit bikes are available in a variety of sizes. This provides you the chance to choose the ideal car for your child.



Pay attention to the type of tires when choosing a dirt bike or pit bike for children. To improve traction, dirt bike tires contain an outside rubber layer. This makes it easier to handle rocky terrain. It is essential for the balance and safety of the vehicle. These two-wheelers have knobby tires which makes it possible. Its design improves gripping and is excellent for bumpy trails. The outside rubber does not exist on a pit bike. 18" tires are usual for dirt bikes, whereas pit bikes use 14" or smaller tires. So consider the location where your child will be riding his preferred bike as the criteria to select the tires.


Speed Range

Of course, speed is a top priority. Your children want to enjoy themselves while riding. Do you wish to provide them with a good wheeler? Pit bikes are ideal for young children because they are not very fast. Typically, engines range in size from 50 to 150 cc. In terms of engine power, dirt bikes triumph. You can find a model as low as 125cc and up to 750cc for more advanced riders. For young people who can withstand speeds of 60 mph and above, 125cc+ bikes are best.


Ride Safe

A pit bike is the best option when it comes to safety. This two-wheeler is suitable for calm roads despite its modest speed. You can be sure that your small rider won't accelerate quickly. So a bike like that is ideal for young riders, youngsters, and teenagers. A dirt bike, on the other hand, is perfect for experienced off-road riders. You can get off-road and feel the speed thanks to the car.



Pit bikes are more affordable and it is an advantage for most riders. This bike is an excellent choice to start with if your child is a beginner. Such bikes are available for as little as $1400. Depending on the manufacturer and the model, the cost may increase up to $5000 or even more.


Pit Bike vs. Dirt Bike: Which Should You Pick?

You are now aware of the distinction between pit motorcycles and dirt bikes. We covered a wide range of factors that could influence your decision. Both of these wheelers have advantages and disadvantages. When selecting a bike for your child, keep these factors in mind. In summary, a pit bike is appropriate for children, but a dirt bike is best for teenagers. No matter what kind of two-wheeler you choose, think about making a safety equipment investment.