When To Start Your Kids With ATV Riding & Parent's Role In the process

Aug 30th 2022

When To Start Your Kids With ATV Riding & Parent's Role In the process

A four-wheeler ATV is a pastime for most families! It's always a good idea to introduce ATVs to children as early as possible. What should be the age you should do it? And how can you best teach children to use ATVs at a young age? Of course, you want your kids to join you as soon as possible in exploring the paths. But when it comes to kids, you have to put their safety first. Let'sstart with your role as their parent throughout this process.


Your Role As Their Parent

As a Safety Instructor

Consider yourself to be your child's safety trainer. Try to emphasize the value of safety equipment and defensive riding methods. This will demand a great deal of focus at first. However, if you are persistent and patient, they will eventually begin to understand the safety guidelines you set for them. It's an excellent idea to set safety rules for your kids that they must follow every time they use an ATV. 



When introducing your children to ATVs, you must monitor their initial adventures closely. So having you close by so they may ask questions is beneficial. They will undoubtedly appreciate having you there, not to mention all you can do! However, you should pay closer attention to how they ride. Keep the note of anything you want to discuss with them later that will help them develop their riding skills.



The old saying ''teach the kid right & teach the kid young'' could be applied while riding an ATV. Getting the proper techniques and safe riding skills down early on will carry on as they grow older. They keep the kid safe on the trails even after they outride you. But what techniques do you teach them? What guidelines for safe driving should you give them? Don't worry. We'll get to that later. Meanwhile, let's discuss when they can start and which quad will work best for them initially. 


Limit the Throttle 

Most small kid four-wheelers ATVs will come with a throttle limiter. It lets you set the maximum speed the quad will go. It is wise to fix it if your kid wants to get more. It will limit the momentum and keep your kids away from dangerous speeds & accidents. The throttle limiter is usually positioned on the handlebars by the throttle lever. Loosen the nut to set the throttle limiter screw to the desired position. Minimal and unlimited are both true of the entire in. 


When Should Your Children Begin Riding An ATV? 

If you know that ATVs will be a part of your family life for a long time, there is no wrong time to start looking. A child is ready to begin their ATV experience when they have some possession of their basic motor skills. It is typically advised to wait until your child is six years old before introducing them to ATVs. You might be able to develop advanced motor skills a little early if your child displays them around age 4 or 5. However, most compact ATV producers advise riders to be at least six years old. For six-year-olds, you could consistently get rated one of the KANDI, APOLLO, VITACCI, COOLSTER, RPS RICKY POWER SPORTS ATVs. All our brands are good if you'd like to start earlier than eight-years. However, you should teach them the basics and safe riding early on. The stock line for KANDI, APOLLO, VITACCI, COOLSTER, RPS RICKY POWER SPORTS brands 60cc-110cc kids four-wheelers in our stock line up may cost you around $650-$1000 or even more.  


What Size ATV For Your Kid

ATV'sATV's are no longer an adults-only activity. This pastime is becoming increasingly kid-friendly, with many options available for kids of all ages! A 50cc kid's four-wheeler ATV is suitable for a child from 6-8 years of age. A 90cc kid's four-wheeler ATV is ideal for a child from 8-11 years of age. A 125cc ATV is suitable for 12-15 years of age. 250+cc is perfect for 16+ year kids. Based on it, you can decide the best four-wheeler ATV for your kids. When they reach that age range, this may not be the size quad they can handle. For instance, if you started your child riding at the age of five on a 50cc, by the time they are 12, they might desire a 250cc and be able to handle it. However, 125cc would be a better option if your child is now 12 and you teach them to ride for the first time. 


Do you feel finding the right kid's four-wheeler ATV for your child is more daunting than expected? Contact us today! We will help you find the best kid's four-wheelers based on your kids' age, weight, and height.