The Best Ways To Make Your ATV Run Faster

Aug 13th 2022

The Best Ways To Make Your ATV Run Faster

Are you looking for ways to make your Taotao ATV go faster? Then, Tao ATV could be your best assistance where you get several relevant information to complete your Tao tao ATV run faster. We demonstrate the most systematic methods for making your ATV run quicker. Some of our helpful tips are.

Make Better Fuel Choices

Do you want to adjust the speed of your ATV quickly and easily? Higher-octane alternatives should be used instead of ethanol-based fuels. Avoid ethanol-based engines in favor of those with a higher-octane rating. To improve the performance of your engine, start using higher octane fuel. It will be more expensive than the low-cost fuel, but the difference will be noticeable when slamming on the gas pedal. In addition, it will improve your gas mileage and prevent minor corrosion of your fuel system's mechanical components. 

Upgrade The Air Filter

Check the air filter regularly and clean it when necessary. Clogged up air filter will affect the air required to run the engine. The upgraded air filter enhanced the airflow into the engine. It generates more power & make the air-to-fuel ratio higher! It's one of the most straightforward ways to boost your machine's performance. 

Modify The Throttle Limiter Screw

You'll see a governor on most ATVs. You'll see a governor if you look where your throttle is on the right side of your handlebars. The throttle limiter is the screw protruding from the governor. It will limit the amount of gas you can give your engine while riding. If you wish to deliver maximum throttle, turn the screw out. Then unscrew the lock nut that holds the throttle limiter screw in place. But make sure you're getting the max your engine will allow.

Modify the Tire Size, Weight, And Pressure

Of course, tire pressure will play a role depending on the terrain you're riding in. Lower tire pressure can help you go quicker in sand or snow, but higher tire pressure will let you go faster on flat, firm surfaces. Getting the correct tire pressure for you and your terrain is critical. Big, heavy mud tires don't make your quad go faster.

Get a smaller tire if you wish to accelerate faster. A larger tire, on the other hand, will increase your top speed. 

Add A Nitrous Kit

Adding a nitrous kit to your Tao Tao ATV generates some extra speed. It is easy to install & people like to use it to get different rates this way. So you can determine if it is appropriate for you. 

Upgrade Your Exhaust System

It can be expensive and time-consuming to upgrade your ATV's exhaust system. It will, however, improve the performance of your Tao tao ATV. This is because it allows the engine to absorb more air and expel more. As a result, the amount of airflow across the engine is increased. It will lead you feel more power and speed riding with a higher air-fuel mixture.

The Gear Ratio Must Be Adjusted

To alter the gear ratio, you'll need to replace your old front or rear sprocket with a new one. To boost acceleration, some bikers utilize larger rear sprockets. Some motorcyclists use larger rear sprockets to increase acceleration. To 'gear up,' you'd purchase a smaller rear sprocket, which would increase top speed but slow acceleration. Most sprocket sizes (front and back) may be obtained on the internet at a reasonable price. 

Installing the Big Bore Kit.

Installing a large bore kit can be time-consuming. It will, however, significantly improve the performance of your ATV. Acceleration will be quicker, and maximum speed will increase simultaneously. In most big bore kits, the piston and cylinder will be replaced with a larger size. It allows for more air-fuel mixture to enter the combustion chamber. It will result in a considerable performance boost for your Tao tao ATV. 

The most typical ATV improvements are increasing performance and getting more speed out of your ATV engine. Suppose you're looking for the cheapest and easiest way to improve performance contact TAO ATV today. They will give better solutions based on your riding skill, place of riding, and the ATV you have with you.