How much is the cost of electric golf carts

Sep 14th 2021


We can easily understand that buying new  electric golf carts from us at Tao ATV is like buying a new car. It may be that your cart will not have power windows or air-conditioning. However, there are various features you can opt to have, which will determine the cost you have to pay to own the cart.

                                  How much is the cost of electric golf carts

As you decide to have a golf cart, you need to keep in mind many things. First, the model and make of the golf cart you choose to buy will determine the price you have to pay. For example, if you wish to buy Massimo Buck 60 UTV, it will cost less than if you decide to buy Massimo MGC4X 48 V Crew Golf Cart. So, model and make decisions from where the price starts.

Gas or battery

You can have a gas or battery-powered golf cart. The battery-powered one is costlier as compared to the gas-powered one. However, the initial payment of an electric golf cart is more; in the end, it is affordable. You do not have to bother about the rising gas cost if you buy an electric golf cart. You only need to charge the battery, and the cart will run fine.


The color of the cart that you buy also has an impact on the cost that you have to pay. If you decide to have carts with standard colors, the cost will be less than if you intend to have a cart with particular colors. On the other hand, unique color can raise the price by about $300 to $500. However, if you desire to have a golf cart with exceptional color and face financial hardship, we can arrange for financial help from our financial partner.


If you desire to upgrade from the standard wheel that comes with the cart with a robust nature, then you can expect that there will be a price rise.


The electric golf carts come with a top that you can have from us. So, in other words, there will not be a rise in price due to tops.


If you wish to attach some additional accessories like two-toned seats, an audio system, LED lights, a glove box, or turn signals, there will be an additional price.

Unless and until you see a golf cart, it is difficult to decide which one to buy. Therefore, we request you to visit our store or be our online store to look at the options you can opt for. It is for sure that regardless of the model and makes you choose, we can offer you the lowest price. Our customer service executives will be more than glad to help you select the best cart from available options.